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Terms & Conditions

Visitor - It represents the person who visits the website where the service is advertised, or another place of advertising (press, tv and radio).

PRIVACY STATEMENT Protecting user personal information is important to us. For the services offered, we collect, process or use the personal data of the users, in the manner described in the following articles. Electronic data is the data of users who activate the service through the advertisement on the Internet or activating over the Internet, which are ip user addresses, email users, operating system, type of Internet browser (type and version), viewed pages in the context of advertising the service.

USED VISITORS \'DATA The data that the visitor (non-activated service provider) has left arbitrarily in advertising places, including the telephone number, email address and other personal and electronic data, are data that the service provider has the right to use within their own projects. The visitor also agrees that the service provider can use their mobile phone numbers in their marketing activities.


Service provider The organizer and service provider is Fun & Mania. By using this service, the user acknowledges that he has correctly read and understood the terms and conditions of use of the service and agrees fully with them.

Description of the functioning of the service In order to participate in the service, the user accepts the terms of use and subscribes to the service.

Paying services Service is paid. Payment is made through a mobile service provider. Users of all mobile providers will be charged for each sent message other than the system message. The service provider has the right to change the price of his services, but he is obliged to inform the users thereof in all places where the conditions and instructions for using the services of the service are set. If a service provider during a service period, a change in the price of a service, the user remains a service user until it is unsubscribed from the service.


Description and purpose of the service Internet, print, tv and radio media are a place to advertise mobile phone entertainment services using sms messages. The purpose of the service is exclusively entertaining. The service provider does not affect users and operators, and in particular SMS communication in which it can not be verified that the information exchanged by users and operators is accurate.

Availability of service The service provider attempts to provide the maximum possible availability of the service. Due to the technical characteristics of the internet connection and mobile telephony, to which the service provider does not have influence, however, there may be an occasional interruption in data transmission - the operation of the service. The service provider can not guarantee the availability and accessibility of the service.

Technical conditions for use of the service The user must ensure the maintenance and settings of his mobile phone. In this case, the service provider is not required to provide technical support. To use the service, the user must use a mobile phone that functions and has a valid connection (signal) on his mobile phone. Without these conditions, the use of the service is not possible. The user is solely responsible for providing technical conditions. The service provider is not responsible if the user can not use the service due to the limitations of his service provider.

Costs for using the service By using the service, the user agrees with the costs incurred, because the price of the service is known in accordance with the rules prescribed by law and mobile providers. Since the costs are stated in advertising places as well as in the terms and conditions of use, the user accepts the obligation that he will not be entitled to claim the reimbursement of costs incurred, nor for reimbursement if he has not received a response to the message

Change in terms of use The service provider reserves the right to change the terms of the contract at any time in the future. After changes in terms of use of the service, if the user has previously been in compliance with the terms and conditions, and after the change is not, it can be unsubscribed according to the functioning of the service. The service provider is not obliged to notify users of the change of conditions.

Guarantee / Indemnification The Company, its directors, employees, employees, suppliers and agents disclaim any liability for any damage resulting from the use of the services. You explicitly understand and agree the services are provided on \"as they are\" and \"as is available\" without any warranty. Foreign suppliers expressly disclaim to the fullest extent legally permissible extent of any warranty, whether explicit or implied, by law or otherwise, in respect of services, including, without limitation, implicit conditions of sale, ownership and sale of goods and property as and a dedicated function and copyright infringement. Foreign suppliers waive any warranties regarding safety, reliability, timeliness and performance of services. Foreign suppliers do not guarantee that the services will satisfy your requirements or the services will function continuously and without error. No advice or data, whether oral or written, received from us or through our services will not create any warranties that are not explicitly mentioned herein. You can not rely on such information or advice. You understand and agree to download and / or use the Services, Content, Software and Websites at your own risk and responsibility, and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system, mobile phone or loss of data resulting use of services. Except in the jurisdictions where these provisions are limited, you agree that the Company\'s overall responsibility towards you or any third party, as well as your or the exclusive remedy of any third party, in the law, in equity, or otherwise in relation to the services provided in accordance with this Agreement and / or any breach of this Agreement is strictly limited to the amount that you have paid for such Services during the term of this Agreement. Except in jurisdictions where such provisions are limited, the Parties shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, criminal, third party or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business profits, termination of business, loss of business information, and etc.) arising out of your use, misuse, or inability to use the services, content, software, and website, even if the Company is informed of the possibility of such damages, to the extent that the State does not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability as set out in this text , the Company\'s liability is limited to the extent permitted by law in that country. You agree to protect the Company and its parents, members, affiliates, affiliates, service providers, entrepreneurs, agents, licensors, officers, directors, shareholders and employees from loss, liability, claim, lawsuit or claim, including reasonable attorneys\' fees any third party\'s side arising in connection with or due to (a) your use of the Service; and (b) a violation by you or your representatives and the warranties set forth in these Terms. You will also pay all costs, damages and damages for damages, including without limitation, reasonable legal fees and expenses incurred to pay or for which the Company has been committed in connection with or arising out of any such lawsuit, litigation, action, claim or another procedure.


Privacy Statement Protecting user personal information is important to us. All data collected by the user leaves arbitrarily and does not have to leave them.

User data used by the service user For the purpose of functioning of the service we need the number of the user\'s mobile phone in order to realize the exchange of SMS messages. Data exchanged within the service are all those personal and general data that the user exchanges in the service by sending in sms messages. Within the current legislation, we can search customer information for advertising purposes, market research, improve our services and promote other services provided by the provider.

Transfer of data of visitors and users and recording into the internal system for statistical purposes The exchange of data in the service is realized via sms messages as well as through a call from a fixed or mobile provider. The exchange of data through the call relates exclusively to the request of the user for the cancellation, as well as providing technical support for how to activate or unsubscribe from the service (but not the data about the users, the service provider, etc.).